Hi, I'm Matt Tsourdalakis, a UX Designer who solves problems.

In case you were wondering, yes matttsourdalakis.com.au was available to use for my site domain. For your benefit, I chose the simplified smply.com.au. You're welcome.

As a kid at school, I struggled with problem-solving. I couldn't get my head around it — I just wanted to solve equations rather than identifying the problems first. Twenty years later and I now get a real kick out of problem-solving for my clients. Defining the problem, providing a range of solutions, seeing ideas come to life via creative executions, and designing delightful experiences for users is the source of my satisfaction and drive.

I'd love to say that my career journey has always been one with a clear purpose and direction but (like many creatives) it's not the case. When I was in high school, I wanted to be the next Quentin Tarantino, but by the time I'd graduated from uni, I wanted to be a humble graphic designer.

I landed my first job in a split role working in video production and print design. My next job was even more multi-disciplinary, working on TV commercials, radio ads and websites. All the while, I wasn't sure what I wanted to specialise in — I just loved all aspects of creative production.

It wasn't until I first read about UX design that I knew I'd found the jam to my doughnut. I always hated that graphic design was considered more of an art-form than a science.

Businesses need numbers, data and research to assess the value of design and now (with UXD principles) I had the missing piece of the puzzle to take my career from 'dissatisfied graphic designer' to 'striving UX designer'.

Soon after, I became increasingly frustrated with my inability to break into a UX role. As a graphic designer (working in print) I felt like I was in the exit lane leading to redundancy. I saw UX designers moving in the fast lane, leading design teams and influencing businesses in ways that designers had never done before.

That's where I wanted to be.

Through sheer desperation and a series of fortunate events, I landed a role in a large agency as an interactive designer. After eight years of working in the industry, I landed my first design lead/creative director role at GMG Digital where I currently guide the business in all things creative, UX, UI and interaction design.

I've discovered that anything in life that's considered extremely valuable, only comes with persistent hard work and dedication. And so I live by this quote—

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do” — Darren Hardy